Launch of Gamer Mode

Today we’ve launched a new service for our 1Gbps+ packages.  Gamer Mode is designed for gamers who need low latency access to key game servers around the world.

Gamer mode is simple.  We designate an ethernet port on the back of your router that you use for your computer, game console etc.  You simply ensure that you are plugged/wired directly in (and not using WiFi) then we do the rest.

Once enabled by Mersey Fibre, the dedicated port on the router is optimised for gaming though a range of technical improvements, such as:

  • As we operate our own independent network, we’re able to use quality of service to “shape” the traffic
  • We peer with many of the game servers world-wide which effectively shortens the path from you to the server
  • We route your devices directly to the edge of our network immediately
  • Our built-in algorithm learns your usage and seeks to improve latency, hops and ping times dynamically

Gamer mode is available on packages 1Gbps+


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