Beta Testing (Trial’s) begin at 1 College Lane, Liverpool, L1 3BN

Over the last few months, we’ve been busy behind the scenes building our new fibre network throughout the Liverpool City Region.

Since then, we’ve been looking for buildings to connect and have been in talks with various landlords that are interested in having Mersey Fibre within their buildings so tenants have another choice.

We’re pleased to announce that 1 College Lane, Liverpool, L1 3BN is the first building to be connected to the Mersey Fibre network.

Today, we’ve launched a “beta” service for tenants at the property who wish to trial the service, free of charge, so together we can test the 100Gbps Broadband service that has been installed within the building.

The full commercial service will go live on 1st July 2024, subject to satisfactory tenant feedback.



  • Kelly
    16 June 2024

    At last we’re getting some property broadband. i have been here for 3 years and struggled like hell with me and the hubby working from home on 2Mb. i mean, i cannot even stream without it cutting out.

    i hope we can get it soon now that things are becoming installed.


    • Matt Wilson CEO
      16 June 2024

      Hello Kelly. Thanks for your comment. You should register yourself on our beta trial so that you can get a connection now, which is free until the 1st of July when the commercial service starts. Email to get connected FOC!


      Mersey Fibre.

  • Hal
    16 June 2024

    A sign of a great company.

    First they commit to a building whereby the tenants are suffering from poor service from the big providers

    Then they give a date for the connection and complete it well ahead of schedule

    then they give it to everyone for free for a month to make sure we’re happy

    What’s not to love about Mersey Fibre.

    love. Hal.

    • Matt Wilson CEO
      16 June 2024

      Hi Hal. Thanks for the feedback I’m glad you are liking our approach. One thing though, the free period is a beta trial, i.e we’re currently testing the service with the tenants at College Lane. It’s something that we always do before we go fully live. Tenants get to test the service for free while Mersey Fibre are able to check everything is in order and working as expected before we go fully live.


  • Rosy
    18 June 2024

    We’ve just had this fitted…it’s amazing. We’re getting really fast speeds and its very reliable. it is great to see that mersey fibre have installed it free for the whole building for testing….and already it is a marked improvement. well done guys.


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