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Experience the Magic of Mersey Fibre

Over the last 5 years, the Liverpool City Region has enjoyed a flurry of new fibre providers that has enabled around 80% of the region with Ultra-fast Broadband.

More competition in the region should have resulted in better customer experience, installation times and better latency, however we feel the market has failed in this regard.

Mersey Fibre’s focus is on those last 20% of buildings that either are hard to reach, to hard to enable (for national providers who cherry picked them) or simply lack a choice of providers for consumers to choose from.

Discover the magic of Mersey Fibre and enjoy:

  • Local Support
  • No Call Centres or Queues
  • Same Day Install
  • Consistent Speeds
  • No Data Limits
  • Same upload/download speeds
  • Unfiltered Internet
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Frequently Asked

As of July 2024, we've enabled four buildings in Liverpool.

These are:

1 College Lane, Liverpool, L1 3BN
12 Manestys Lane, Liverpool, L1 3DT
41 Hanover St, Liverpool, L1 3EB
53 Paradise Street, Liverpool, L1 8JF

You can order services up to 10Gbps in any of the above buildings, and have the service turned on within minutes if a Mersey Fibre socket is already present.

Sorry, we don’t offer static IP addresses on our packages, this allows us to keep the prices of our packages as low as we can.

Yes, we offer social tariffs for customers who qualify for benefits. Our company policy is to offer a social tariff for every 10 other regular customers, as such, we sometimes have a waiting list for such connections. Our social traffic costs £20 a month and provides 10Mbps service.

Connecting the Liverpool City Region with Ultra-fast fibre.

Get connected to the regions own local & independent fibre network. Read more at our Technical Information Page.