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Teleport yourself back home

Ever wished you could access UK only content, websites and other services while abroad?

Teleport does exactly that. Install our app on your devices, then when traveling, open and simply press connect. You will be “teleported” back to your home Mersey Fibre router in an instant.

Once connected, your then using your home broadband connection, no matter where you are in the world, using the same UK IP address as before.

Teleport is a free VPN service for Mersey Fibre customers (package dependant) and also allows you to add friends and family devices to your teleport connection.

  • Use your Broadband abroad
  • Same speeds as at home
  • No Censorship or Monitoring
  • Uses your existing IP address
  • Access UK Only Content
  • Unfiltered Internet
Add Teleport to your Broadband

Frequently Asked

The number of devices you can add depends on the package you are on:

500Mbps - 4 Devices
1Gbps - 8 Devices
10Gbps - 16 Devices

Currently our Teleport app works on Apple and Android devices, windows and is also available as a stand alone router, ideal to throw into your suitcase and provide the same home WiFi while traveling.

Mersey Teleport had a wide range of uses for different applications. Think of it as a free VPN, but one that uses your Mersey Fibre home Broadband connection and not a VPN company:

Browse the Internet Safely when traveling : When using Teleport, your connection is fully encrypted at both ends, no third party can get access to your data, unlike traditional VPN’s where you have to trust the VPN company as your connection is only encrypted on the way to them. If the VPN provider gets hacked, you get hacked.

Use Streaming Services when traveling : Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, Hulu and so on have become a nightmare with licensing issues. When you use Teleport, you’re simply “teleported” back to home and watching content if you were present at home(from the same IP address), wherever you are in the world.

Don’t trust the hotel WiFi: Many hotel internet connections use logging and could spy on your internet usage, sometimes blocking websites, or even interfering with what information you can have access to.
Teleport lets you by-pass this by teleporting your home connection to your hotel, ensuring that anyone spying on you cannot see anything.

By-pass Adverts: When traveling and using someone else's internet connection, you can get flooded with advertisements, many of which are irrelevant to you as a traveler there.

By using Teleport, you’ll only see the same types of adverts as back home

No, your home broadband connection is unaffected by any usage of the Teleport service.

No, there is no limit on how much data that you can use on Teleport, although you may wish to check your mobile roaming/data charges/inclusive data when outside of the UK.

Yes, if you want to extend your home WiFi connection into your accommodation when traveling, this is possible with our Teleport Box.

Teleport box is a router that you can purchase from us for £99 and is ideal to pack into your suitcase. Once at your accommodation, you simply plug in, connect up to the hotel/accommodation internet and sit back.

Your home WiFi is now extended to your accommodation for as long as you need it, with the same WiFi name and password, so all your devices should connect automatically.

As the Teleport box is simply extending your home Broadband connection to your accommodation, you will have the same UK IP address as at home, but abroad!

Use your home Broadband Anywhere

Use your Broadband just like you were at home, but while you are traveling!