Fibre Laying Begins!

We’ve begun installing our fibre network today across the Liverpool City Region, starting with our first fibre run from what will be one of our key POP (point of presence) sites within the Liverpool City Centre. While we don’t yet have any buildings to connect up, we’re busy getting our backbone in place complete with all of our network resilience, backup systems and so on.

Once we’ve identified our first building to enable, we plan to begin installing them and shortly after, we’d be looking for trial customers to test the service with us, (at no cost).  If you are interested in helping us test our service at your home and get a free 1Gbps broadband connection, let us know!

Also, while we’ve been busy installing the network, it’s great to hear from people really interested in our service and hear about their poor experiences with their existing provider. This confirms our strategy is correct and there is such a demand for our service out there.

Interestingly, we’ve just begun a waiting list for when our service is live, which is a great position for Mersey Fibre to start at!

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